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The Burning Negatives - Seattle, WA.

An unholy union between 90s midwestern indie rock stalwarts (St.Monday and The Brannock Device) 2000’s Seattle hip hop (Southside) and west coast punk metal (Goat Sanctuary) The Burning Negatives are a four-piece rock band born from a thousand shows across hundreds of stages.


Pulling influences from across the musical spectrum, previous incarnations of the band and its members have shared stages with acts as notable and diverse as The Flaming Lips, Guided By Voices, Yo La Tengo, Built to Spill, Mike Watt, Slint, Early Moods, Vio-lence!, and many others.


The Burning Negatives weave intricate guitar parts around driving beats to blend heavy and melodic with a dissonant swing. We are currently recording our debut release at Synergy Studios in Seattle, Wa.


The mix of indie, alternative, hardcore and mathy shoegaze lends to an aesthetic that could sit in a variety of bills, from aging 90s retro alt, to sly indie to doom glee to whatever other weird words Spotify stitches together to describe rock genres these days.


We’ve toured, we’ve lived lives, and we keep making music because coming together, hearing sounds that wouldn’t exist otherwise and throwing everything we are down on stage is the only thing makes the world make sense.


Contact us at hellyeah@theburningnegatives.com or use the form below. Booking now for 2024